The links below relate either to the production and marketing of literary documentaries or to the rich culture and literatures of the Caribbean and the African Diaspora. More links will be forthcoming.


  • Full Duck Productions – Founded in 1990 by Susan Wilcox, this site offers full video production services for clients of any magnitude, large or small. Mosaic Media produces its documentaries and teaching guides in partnership with Full Duck Productions and can attest to the value of Full Duck’s many services and very informative website.

Cultural Resources

  • île-en-île – This educational site, maintained by Lehman University of the City College of New York, promotes the development of information and cultural resources related to the French-speaking insular world. The extensive section on French Caribbean writers merits an especially detailed look.
  • Shared History – This site presents a family history project established in 1993 by Felicia Furman, a descendant of William Gilmore Simms who was the last slave owner at Woodlands Plantation. The project explores the long-term, continuous relationship between black and white families associated with the plantation property and includes conversations with members of the Rumph, Rowe, Laboard and other African American families in the on-going process of sharing their past, present and


  • African Literature Association – The African Literature Association is an independent non-profit professional society open to scholars, teachers and writers from every country. It exists primarily to facilitate the attempts of a world-wide audience to appreciate the efforts of African writers and artists. The ALA holds annual meetings.
  • Women In French – This not-for-profit scholarly organization promotes research on the works of women writers writing in French, cultural and literary topics related to women in French-speaking countries and research in other areas linked to feminist criticism. WIF has annual meetings and participates in the conferences of other groups as well.

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