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DVDs7smMosaic Medias offers the following DVDs for sale online through the PayPal site of its partner in producing the interviews, Full Duck Productions. All products are available on DVD that has been formated for all global regions. Ordering on the Full Duck website through PayPal securely accommodates payment by credit card, direct withdrawal from your bank account, or direct withdrawal from your existing PayPal balance. The cost of each DVD is $100, plus $10 shipping and handling.

–Aimé Césaire, Poet and Statesman In Both French with English Voiceover and in French Only
–Maryse Condé Speaks from the Heart In French with English Voiceover, or in French with English Subtitles, or in French Only
–Edwidge Danticat Visits Her Haitian Roots In English Only
–Raphaël Confiant Speaks In French Only
–Jocelyn Valverde: French Caribbean Poet In French with English Voiceover
–Victor Anicet, Martinican Ceramist, Artist and Historian In Both French with English Subtitles and in French Only
–Luc Marlin, Martinican Artist and Teacher In Both French with English Subtitles and in French Only

Educational institutions and libraries may use purchase orders by contacting us at 503-575-6269 or by email at susan@fullduck.com. You may also order by mail by sending your check, shipping address and order instructions to Full Duck Productions, 6320 Grant St., Portland, OR 97215. For other questions, call 503-575-6269.

Our Shopping Cart

When you select the Shopping Cart to order a product, you will see the PayPal site displayed.

You can purchase Full Duck Productions’ products securely using any type of credit card or your bank account through the PayPal shopping cart. You do not have to have your own PayPal account to use this payment method. Use the Add to cart feature on the website to select your item. To complete your purchase, select Your Shopping Cart and Checkout for all items.

You should receive items shipped to destinations in the US in 10 to 14 business days. Normally, products are shipped within 24 to 48 business hours. In the event the item is currently sold out, the additional days allow time to make a copy. We ship through the United States Postal Service. To expedite an order, please call Susan at 503-575-6269. For foreign or other shipment issues, see below.

Shipment Cost

The shipping and handling cost is $10. PayPal automatically adds this $10 on the pricing for your order. This is an average cost for our US and overseas shipments.

Return Policy

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your Full Duck Productions’ product, you may exchange it or receive a partial refund. Please contact Full Duck Productions by email at susan@fullduck.com to make arrangements.


Full Duck Productions products are copyrighted under US law and cannot be copied in whole or part without written permission of Full Duck. Display in multiple classrooms or public meetings in universities or libraries for educational purposes is allowed.

Other Shipment Issues

Please contact Full Duck Productions by email at susan@fullduck.com for instructions if you require more than 4 products or a different delivery service. To expedite a delivery, call Susan at 503-575-6269.


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